Wednesday, August 12, 2009


***POST #2!!!

SO sorry gals!! I do NOT have a card for the LYC challenge this week!! I had REALLY wanted to be more prepared, but,........I am not!!! This vacation is SO much different from our last! We usually only get to take ONE vaca!! However, this year we were fortunate enough to split the expenses, BOTH times, so we could afford (kinda) to go twice!!! Well....this second time? We are here with my sister and her family! My nephew is one and MY kids are loving it!! They are having SO much fun playing and such!! AND?.......I am having fun TOO, spending time with my sis!! Time gets away from you, ya know?? Last time we were here? I crafted, while the kids napped, and after they went to bed. This time.....we chat and at night we go out and then come home and watch movies!! SO.........I haven't had the chance to craft.......YET!!! Haha!! You know me!! the LYC challenge for today is to create something with PINK and GREEN!!! The deal is that PINK AND GREEN SHOULD NEVER BE SEEN!!! In other rarely see pink and green together. SO....that is your LYC challenge!!! Be sure to visit the LYC CHALLENGE BLOG for MORE deets!! There is a FABULOUS prize up for grabs!! SO??? You will DEFINITELY want to join in the challenge!! Head over there NOW!! What are you waiting for!! I will have to come back and post my creation, here, once I complete it!! Thanks.... EVERYONE.... for visiting me, while I am on vacation!! I really appreciate it!! I LOVE to see ALL your comments!!! Have a GREAT day and I will see you later for an ANYA challenge!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!