Friday, August 14, 2009


Hey there gals!! Thank goodness it is Friday!!! WOOHOO!! OK....real quick one for you!! I REALLY had my days mixed up!! Haha!! TODAY is the day I ma to have 2 posts for you!! GEEZ!!! What can I say?? Vacation brain, I suppose!!! SO......I will, AGAIN....try to get back here tonight, for an ANYA post!!! I'll do my best!! This IS our last night here and all!! I believe everyone is getting a bit punchy, if you catch my drift!! Here is ANOTHER, Sweet Cotton Candy Girl, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!!! She will be available tomorrow!!! YAY!! After the release party!!! I hope you all can be there!!! We have LOTS of SWEETNESS in store for you!!! Alright....I must go to the store, so I can in turn? Make some dinner!! Haha!! LONG story...i will explain later!!! Thanks SO much for stopping by and I would LOVE to read some comments if you all have time!!! I miss you guys!!! Haha!! Have an AWESOME night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!

***Want a GOOD laugh? I brought my stuff along? AND......made this here, while on vacation!! Not TOO bad, huh?!!


Lindsay said...

lol I love it! yay for crafting while on vacation! he hee

Kim said...

Hope vacation is going good yet Jacquie! Holy cats made a darling card while on vacation! Wherever do you find time to make a card while being at the beach...let alone on vacation? I try to bring a book to read when Brent and I go away and I never get the chance to read because we are always on the hubby can't sit still if his life depended on it! lol! AMAZING card hun...I love it! That BG paper is my favorite!!! You know it's all about pink and brown for me! :)
Big Hugs~ Kim

Dannette said...

Adorable card Jacquie! love the colors! Hugs, Dannette

Susie M. said...

Ooooooh........yummy!! you did a fabulous job with this! hope your vacation is the best. :)