Sunday, October 18, 2009


Evening ladies!!! How are you? How was your weekend? SO sorry I didn't make it back here, the other night!! To make a LONG story short, not that you want to hear it!! Since I have twins, I am a member of our local MULTIPLES CLUB. Twice a year they host an indoor sale, where you can clean out your closets and pass on your things!! Haha!! I put it a little nicer!! Anyway, it is ALWAYS....set up Friday evening and shopping for members; Saturday is opened to the public! Well, let's just turned into a LOT more than I had planned!! Don't get me wrong......I did plan to CLEAN out, but, my husband wanted to clean out, CLEAN out! Every time I thought I was done.......he would say......."Here, you can take this along tomorrow"! and So this went for a good few hours!! OR?........"What about this thing"?! Haha!! get my drift!! ALL this was, AFTER, I got back from setting up!! Ok.....I actually didn't drag that out too far!! Whew!! Imagine that!
As promised, here is my Halloween creation, for NUTCRAFTERS FIRST challenge!! YAY!! They are calling their challenges, NUTTY NUTSHELLS!! Their FIRST challenge was to create a Halloween card! These images are SO super cute, aren't they? LOTS of fun to color!! Want to know the best part? This cutie, Pecan Nut Halloween Witch, was a FREEBIE!! Yepper, you heard right!! You are able to download this SWEET image, so you can play along!! Fun, huh? You should visit, grab this cutie, and play along!! I have provided 2 links for you above! One is to the Nutcrafters website and the other is to their challenge blog!! I must be on my way now, lots to prepare!! I have to work tomorrow and my MIL is coming to watch the twins!! You know how that is!! I will be back tomorrow night with a new PIC and a new PICK!! Haha!! Not to mention a NEW schedule!! Have an AWESOME Monday tomorrow!! See you then!! ENJOY LIFE!!


Cathy said...

This is so super cute!! I love it!! Thanks for entering our first Nutshells challenge. Hugs, Cathy