Saturday, October 24, 2009


Happy Saturday friends!! Thanks SO much for stopping by on your day off!! Haha! Well, at least it should be for most of you! I have a SUPER cute box to share with you today!! SO sorry I wasn't on to share it with you last night!! Let's just say I fell asleep on the job! Haha! Don't you hate it when that happens? You wake up, on the couch, and it's like 3 O'clock in the morning? MAN! What a bummer!
I made this box, for my DD Kyah! She is such the little stamper!! She can even tell you which stamps are from what company! Heck......she can even tell you which stamps are actual stamps or Digi's!! SO smart, this one is!! She is somethin' else! Anyway, I made this box so I could put some fun stuff in it!! I am NOT quite ready to give it to her, but, soon I hope!! I was able to find some of the CUTE Bellas, that are geared for kids. I was SO excited to pick them up on SCS,used and I even was able to work a trade or two! Woohoo!! As you all know, I have been trying to sell some of my stamps. As a HUGE reward for cleaning out and giving some of my stuff new homes? I was able to purchase my FIRST Gorjuss Girl!! However, this FIRST one is for Kyah!! Hopefully she will let me borrow it!! Haha!! I got Kyah the Gorjuss Girl Bumble Bee? She is going to be SO thrilled!! See....her nickname is bug!! So, this is PERFECT!! I also was able to trade some stamped images and get her a few with cats and fairies!! I plan to put this ALL in the box for her, as a little surprise for helping mommy!! She is such a HUGE help to me!! It is ALWAYS nice to remind her of how much I appreciate it!! Life gets REALLY busy sometimes and I don't always let her know, as much as I should! that I have gone off on a tangent!! I am SUPER excited to give this to her and once I have everything in there, I will!!! Until then, I would LOVE to share it with you, so here it is!! It is a GREAT size for stamped images and Unmounted stamps!! She will have NO idea what is inside!! What FUN!!

See? Didn't I tell you? This PINK CAT STUDIO DIGI is perfect!! Not to mention the fact that Kyah LOVES Pink Cat Studio!! The image is called Itty Bitty Betty Ladybug!! This image is one of the ones I had one in their contest, when Melissa first opened her Digi shop! I am SO excited that she opened this shop!!! Kyah ALWAYS likes to see what is new there!! She asks me ALL the time!!! SO funny that my DD has already discovered her FAVE stamp companies!!!!

Thanks SO much for stopping by!! I REALLY appreciate it!! If you have time, stop over and see me at SASSY STUDIOS, for Sassy Saturdays!! I found some AWESOME creations for you!!! Have a FABULOUS Saturday! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Lisa Foster said...

Omgosh Jacquie!!! This is so darling!!! Very cute idea! I know she'll love it!

Cassie said...

oh how darling!! love the pic of the week you have up of her! tell her d. and I say hi!!!

miss you!!

WickedPixie said...

Jacquie, this is too, too cute!! :-)Traci

Susie M. said...

Hi ya jackie!! Awwwwww........this is CUTE! I LOVE pink! and I don't know if that's a new pic of your daaguther or not at the top but, she's GORGEOUS! takes off her mama....;) heeheehee Have a great day!!!