Friday, October 1, 2010


YAY!!! It's FRIDAY!!! SO glad!!! LOTS to do this weekend!! Well.....mostly cleaning, ya know?? Just organizing type stuff. That and Kyah's football game, of course! She got to where her uniform to school today, for the first time!! She was SO excited and about a motivator! Wish she could wear that uniform EVERY day!! Haha!! She was so NOT slow this morning!! SO cool! Let me tell you!!
OK.......need to get moving here! HA! Like that is gonna happen! Anyway, I thought I would try my hand at a CAT'S PAJAMAS challenge!! Check it out.......................

Colorful......right? I was thinking color? AND? Pinwheels!! is what I came up with!

This was ALSO a first for the SUNDAY SKETCH AND STAMP challenge!! Who doesn't LOVE a SKETCH challenge!! Here is THEIR sketch!!

Hmmmm, I just flipped it a bit! AND, maybe just a WEE bit slanted! Well? What do you think? Now, I KNOW it is not summer, but, I LOVED this image and just HAD to use it!! I promise.................NO more summer! At least not anymore this year! Haha! Alrighty, I have to get the twins ready, so I can go and get my hair cut!! YAY me!! Have an AWESOME day!! Tune in tomorrow for some PAPER PRETTINESS!!! Thanks for stopping by!! It means a lot!! ENJOY LIFE!!


Tasha said...

Oh this is so cute! loving the funky colours and the cute image
love tasha xx