Sunday, October 10, 2010


Hey there all!! How are you? How was your weekend?? Did you have fun?? I KNOW I did!! I spent yesterday and today doing demos for RUBBERNECKER STAMPS, at the York Rubber Stamp and Paper Show!! WOOHOO!! What fun we had!! I LOVED it!! I got the chance to work alongside some SERIOUSLY talented ladies!! Check it!!!

This is ME with the AWESOMATED....... Denise Marzec and Julie Smith!! Or as some of you may know them.....Peanutbee and Hobbywoman!! The WONDERFUL Dave, of RUBBERNECKER STAMPS wished NOT to be in the pics!! Thanks ladies for a SUPER fun weekend!! Thanks to Dave for allowing me to help you and RUBBERNECKER out!! Such CUTE stamps they have and some pretty SUH-weet sentiments!! Hey and let us NOT forget that Ranger Distressed inks!! YAY!! I got a FEW, of everything , of course!! Haha! With a little help!! I CANNOT wait to do all of that again!! TOO bad we can't do that all the time, huh ladies?? I am sure they will agree with me on that!! Anyway, look for some RUBBERNECKER creations....coming your way SOOOOON!!
One last pic, before I go!! While I was at the show, I was LUCKY enough to meet Korin Sutherland!! You know.......of Sweet & Sassy Stamps?? Yepper!! She is SO nice!! I just love her!! So glad we could meet Korin and hopefully we will do some stamping soon!! OK, hope you like the pics and I will see you soon!! Until then.................ENJOY LIFE!!!