Wednesday, April 7, 2010



OK.....heading down the HOME stretch here!! I have a WONDERFUL Wild Flower Patch Challenge!! I have to say that this one........made me think!! That is SUCH a good thing!! I am NOT sure if I am liking MY take on it?? BUT!!! You should SEE the WILD FLOWER GIRLS creations!! UNREAL!!! So.....without further ya' go!!

And...of course....MY take!! I used the NEW Present image!

Check out ALL the deets, by visiting the WILD FLOWER PATCH BLOG!!! Now, I think I like the lighting on this one, so that is something!! Right?? I just NEED to add one little thing, before I go onto the NEXT post! A HUGE, HUGE warm welcome to ANGELA SOWELL!!! Woohoo, YAY, Woohoo!! She is going to join us for a bit, as a GUEST DESIGNER!! I am SO excited!! I have admired her work for some time now and will LOVE working with her!! SO glad you are with us ANGELA!!
OK....I am done!! Sorry! Hehe!! Check back in a minute......ONE more post coming your way!! Thanks for sticking around!! You guys are....THE BEST!!!


Donna said...

Oh you poor thing... I know what it's like when your computer dies and it feels like you are missing somthing... It is really bad that we rely on these things so much but if I didn't have it I couldn't say how beautiful ALL of your work is Jac and that I can call you friend...LY!! Xx

Jen Shults said...

Yay!! I'm glad to see you are back up and running... computer issues always ALWAYS stress me out. I really like this card... gorgeous work with the present!! (And have I ever told you that I love that you always pic one of the more unexpected images from the lot... it makes me soo happy!!)

jo said...

So pretty!


Jacqueline said...

Beautiful work Jac!! I LOVE that you used the present! LOVE it! I hate computers when they act up LOL! Grrr, right? Glad you are back up and running!! Hugs!