Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Haha! Hey there all!! How the heck are you?? SO sorry I have not visited with you lately!! The end of last week was BUuuuuSY!! Let me tell ya'!! Kyah had her very FIRST try outs, for cheerleading and their was a LOT of prep leading up to it!! WHEW!! So glad that is all over!!! Now she can get on to the GOOD stuff!! Haha!! Kyah made the D squad, since it is her first year and she is new at it!! Poor girl wants to get started right away......little does she know, she has to wait until August!! She keeps asking when practice is!! Haha!!
Anyway, I am stopping by with a NEW RELEASE creation!! JONI, at Inktegrity, has come up with some MORE awesomated digi's!! Wait until you see this CUTIE!! You all remember SLUSSER.....don't you? Well.......meet ICE CREAM SLUSSER!!!!

See???? Told you!! Slusser has ALWAYS been one of my faves, so you can imagine how excited I was to see him with ice cream!!!! YAY!!! And....you know me....I have to make him different colors!! What fun would it be otherwise??!! Be sure to get yours TODAY and make sure to visit the rest of the INKTEGRITY girls!!! They have some SWEET creations to share, I promise!!! Those girls have got MAD talent!! For sure!! Hope you will check back tomorrow, for ANOTHER , INKTEGRITY new release creation!! Thanks for stopping by!! Until then??? ENJOY LIFE!!!


Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch
Jacquie Peifer (me)


Unknown said...

This is just adorable!

Tasha said...

LOL this is adorable, love the sentiment - its so my brother
love tasha xx