Wednesday, April 28, 2010



***Sorry I am LATE...just read on to find out why?! HAHA!!

Hey there friends!! How the HECK are ya'? WOW!! I feel like I have not visited with you all.....FOREVER!!! It has been a BUSY week, at the PEIFER household!! WHEW!! As you know, Kyah is doing the whole cheerleading thing and last night was her uniform fitting!! That and this week there is a TON of stuff going on at her school!! And....I am NOT sure I have mentioned it lately, but, I am the Pep Rep for Kyah's class!! All that is, really , is the class mom! I am to help out and enlist others to help out, when needed!! Up until now, her teacher had not needed my assistance a whole lot! However, since her teacher has gone out on maternity, there is a NEW teacher. SO.......I am needed a bit more!! YAY!! Anyway......EACH class mom is to create a memory book for their teacher. Well......if you do the math? I had to do TWO!!! Now, they did tell me it was NOT necessary, for it was really for the 2010 class? I thought.....come on....her NEW teacher should have something to remind her of these kids!!!! You guessed it......I made TWO!!!
SO..........all that being said?? Yesterday was a BLURRRRR!!!! I got up, got Kyah and myself ready, and headed off to her school! I had to pick up the remaining kids self portraits, since they were absent the day we did them. Then I went to the store for Eric and got him diapers and such, since we were out! I went home, dropped the stuff off, and headed to work!! I took along the cardstock, for my memory books, so I could mount the final kids pics!! I took care of that over my lunch and was then ready for the finishing touches! After work I went home to get the kids, so Eric could leave for work. I put everyone in the car and went to Office Max!! I dropped the BOOKS off for them to laminate and spiral bind!!! We went home ate QUICKLY and were off again to Kyah's cheerleading fittings! After we were done, we went BACK to Office Max to pick up the BOOKS!! Haha! Books in hand, we stopped at ACMoore, to get tye dye stuff for Kyah's class! I am helping the kids make shirts today, for their field trip on Friday!! OK...let's see...OH....we went home had snack and went to bed!! WHEW!! I woke up this morning and Kyah and I went to school again, where I delivered my memory books!! WHEW!!
I am typing this while I wait to go BACK to school, to help out with those shirts!! Haha!! SO.....I shared this whole LONG story with let you know why I was LATE posting this AM and WHY my creation is a BIT off!!
The WHIMSICAL WEDNESDAY challenge, comes to you today from the FABULOUS Madelynn!! Her challenge to all of you is to................................


Well, since it is the LAST week with our sponsor this month, I HAD to use my AWESOME GREETING FARM stamps!!! Thanks to Marie and Jess for sponsoring the DARE this month!!! YAY!! creation is NOT springy, BUT, it is TGF and does represent SPRINGTIME!! It does, because this is the time of year for TEACHER APPRECIATION day!! Hope you like it and SORRY for the HUGE explanation!! Please visit the rest of the DARE girls and the WHIMSICAL BLOG!! Our EXTRA-ORDINARY, featured Daredevil, is KRISTA!! Be sure to visit this talented lady and leave her some LOVE!!! Ok, OK....I will stop babbling!! The pics below are of the front of BOTH books and the back; the back is the same for both!! I LOVE how they turned out!! Enjoy your day and ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Ooops, I used TEACHER ANYA and colored EACH one to match the teacher it was for!! Hehe!!

**Sara will be back next week**


LORi said...

Girlfriend...These are FANTASTIC!!! I love them!!!


kris said...

Wow Jacquie, you've been busy!! These are fabulous creations!! awesome job and i love all the colors on it!! what a keepsake!! hugs!

Cassie said...

end of the year teacher gifts scream spring don't they! these are so sweet and as a former teacher, i KNOW they will be treasured forever! you are a great pep rep!!!

Tasha said...

Wow these are fabulous! Love them - such a great teacher gift too!
You have been super busy
love tasha xx

Welcome! said...

Lovin these! How creative! The teacher will love them! Great colours too!

Unknown said...

These are just darling!

Heather Schlatter said...

I love these Jacquie and so will they!!! Piper's 2nd Grade Teacher is retiring this year so Piper is in her last class so I want to make her somthing extra special I love these!!!


Andrea Murdock said...

this is fantastic!!!!!! and fyi...I'd type more but I am exhausted after reading about your busy day tee hee xoxo. Love this gift!

Rebecca Ednie said...

I love this! What a sweetheart you are to have made one for each teacher and the books are gorgeous! I wish I could make something like these.