Thursday, September 3, 2009


Good Morning!!! How are you? Sorry I did not get this posted for you yesterday!! Want to hear something funny? I was working on this last night? AND?? I fell asleep, AT my desk!! Can you believe it? Copic in hand!! Haha!! I bet that was a funny sight to see!!! One minute I am coloring? Next?.................Nothing!! Haha!! Oh well!! Life goes on...right?? Anyway, thanks for stopping by today!! I have LOTS to share!! I will be posting, several posts, throughout the day too! The first, I have for you, is Bree! Do you know Bree? She is one of the new WILD SPROUTS, from The Greeting Farm!! Those Wild Sprouts are AWESOME, aren't they? SO unique and SO fun to color!! I used the transfer technique, on this one. I placed some of the Copic BG13 on a CD case and picked it up with the tip of my BGOO Copic!! I LOVE it!! Hope you do too!! I hope you ALSO like this outside pic!! It was SO beautiful this morning, I could NOT resist!! I will be back with a Little Paper Shop creation!! I will return, after I return from work!! I am heading in for a FEW hours, to take care of a few things!! When I get back? I will put together another for you!! I was a coloring fool last night!! HEHE!! What can I say!! Have an AWESOME day and I hope you will stop back!!! Thanks for your kind comments!! I LOVE to read them!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Cathy said...

OMG Jacquie, what a funny story!! I actually did the same exact thing, ony I was putting my post together on the computer and fell asleep sitting at the computer!! I think we need more hours in our days!!!! Your card is adorable. These images are so cute. I need to ink mine up! Hugs, Cathy

stampingtink said...

How stinkin funny! I just about did that too but I wasn't having fun, I was working on scheduling for the school! Love, simply adore your card! What a great color you came up with and she's just darling! Thanks for the tip on getting more colors from my copics! I am going to try that. I'm planning on getting tons more copics when I get settled in my new job and home in Florida in a couple of months so I'll be bugging you about more tips like this! Love that you were able to take the pic outside. Gotta enjoy this last part of the end of summer. I've missed hanging out and chatting. Give me a week and I'll be back like crazy!

Love you tons!


Tammy said...

Hi Jacquie - You card is just fantastic. I love this little stamp. I really like the color's you've chosen as well. They work so perfectly.
What better place to fall asleep then at your Art desk!

WickedPixie said...

Hi Jacquie! How are you? Super Cute Card!! And your story...I could actually picture you working away and nodding off...LOL!! :-)Traci

Amy's Stocking Stuffers said...

That's a cute story!

I fell asleep once during an astronomy final exam! (And I still got an A! I was a geeky student type back in those days....)

Love your Bree!

Danni said...

I think your body is telling you to get more rest!! LOL!
Cute card!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

Darling card but someone needs to "slow down" a little bit! Take some time for yourself girl! A little candle lit bath, a little wine... a little SLEEP! LOL!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

OMG! You're too funny!
I hope you were able to catch up on some sleep ;)
Your card is adorable! Love the coloring and that flower!
TFS :*)
~ margie

Susie M. said...

So CUTE!! makes you just want to squeeze her little cheeks..heeheehee Great coloring!

Cassie said...

i bet that was funny! reminded me of the time when I fell asleep GIVING A LECTURE to my students. I was very preggo at the time.
It didn't last long but when I woke up - I laughed and told 'em if I was boring myself I couldn't imagine what they were thinking!!!