Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hey all!! How are ya ? I have my man Ian for ya today!! I just LOVE this set! It is THE best!! Imagine how many "GUY" cards you could make with this set!! AWESOME!!! AND? I think I am stuck on these colors gals! I am definitely in fall mode!! I got to use the My Mind's Eye, Complete Boy, paper pad!! If you have guys in your life? Wait....what am I saying? You have guys in your life!! Whether you have a Brother, Father, Nephew, or Son? This set ROCKS!! You will SO be able to use it!! SO fun to color these guys too!! On that note, I have a bit of SAD news to share with you all!! I mean TOTALLY bummin' news!! Today is my last and final post on the CLUB ANYA blog!! My DT term will be finished, at the end of this month, for CLUB ANYA and THE GREETING FARM! Which is coming FAST!! BOOHOO!!! *sniffle-sniffle*! I'll tell ya', what an HONOR to be a part of that team!! EACH and every one of those girls are SO super talented!! Not to mention, SO super nice too!!! Encouraging? NO question! AND? Marie? Forget about it!! She is The Cat's Meow!! For certain!! WHo can honestly get to say they play with THE coolest stamps.....EVER??!! She is AMAZINGLY talented! Then there is JESS!! Uh...HELLO? Words cannot describe how SPECIAL, ONE OF A KIND, AWESOMATED she is!! Then?.........Let's not forget........ALL of you!! The ANYA fans!! You guys.....well?........You guys ROCK!!! Now........I know I am getting carried away and I know I have a couple more days left, but,......HEY!....what can I say!!?? .......................................How about........THANK YOU!!
Enough said!! Have a FABULOUS day and I will see you tomorrow!! I have a SASSY Sneak for you!!! Oh......did you guess what gadget I got?? I'll tell ya tomorrow!! I promise!! I like to keep you guessing! LOTS to do today.....see ya!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


the whimsical butterfly said...

Wow Jacks-this has GOT to be one of my faves from you-WOW! Your coloring on Ian is fabulous, the DP is perfect and those buttons are AWESOME!

Awww, thanks for your sweet words-the worst thing about this job is this part. I hate to see you guys go! I am so excited about the new team, but at the same time am so sad you guys are almost done. I guess we can all just be happy in the fact that we've all found some friends for life! and we still have our DARE! Yippee! Much love to you, my friend...thank you for ALL you have done and all the times you go above and beyond for your teams. it does NOT go unnoticed!!!

Lelia said...

Aww, Jacks! I know the girls at CA and TGF will miss you sorely! I love your Ian card! He's awesome...your coloring is FANTABULOUS!!!!


Valerie said...

he ROCKS and so does your card! super cute girl!

Christi said...

This is fantastic Jacquie!!!!!

Sarah said...

Love everything about this card did an amazing job on it!!

Georgia Ehrmann said...

this is just drop dead gorgeous Jacquie! I love the fall colors and you "rock it"!
Sorry to hear that your terms are over for Club Anya and The Greeting Farm but I know someone else will snatch you up! You are amazingly talented girl!