Thursday, September 24, 2009


You know what they apple a day!! Haha!! How appropriate, huh? Just wanted to say, again, THANK YOU so much for your get well wishes!!! They TRULY meant ALOT!!! Hope you all are well!! Make sure to eat your apples and drink plenty of OJ!! Haha!! You don't want to end up, off the map, like I was!!
OK, as I had mentioned yesterday, I got a NEW gadget!!! One that I NEVER thought I would get! Since I went back to work, Eric asked if I had wanted anything with my FIRST paycheck. I said not really, then I saw the ad!!!! It was ALL over! So.......I told Eric....THIS is what I want! Figuring that it would NOT be in the budget! Guess what ladies??! He said.......OK!! BUT......that's is for big items, for back in that stamp area!!!! We DO need to be practical!! Haha!!! SO.......that was Saturday night; the ad started on Sunday! Guess who got up early and was at the store, SICK and all, 5 minutes after they opened???? Yepper, yours truly!!! Haha!! If my husband says, get it? We?........GET IT!!!! Stuffy head or no stuffy head!! You are THERE!! WOOHOO!!! My husband SO rocks!! Granted......I earned the money? BUT.....let's face today's economy? With 3 kids?? Hello? Big ticket items are NOT in the budget!!!! Let alone an option! My paycheck is meant to help out!!! Next one, he said!! YAY!!!!
I leave you with this FALL creation!! I got to try out my NEW toy and play with my NEW Miss Candy Apple image, from SASSY STUDIO DESIGNS!! Isn't she GREAT? She will also go GREAT with Carmel Apple card scent, from SASSY STUDIOS!!! YAY!!! I have to go and get Kyah off to school!! Thanks SO much for visiting with me today!! I believe tomorrow I will be ready to post a schedule again!! Have an AWESOME day!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!

**Hey, I almost forgot, can you guess what NEW gadget I got??
**Don't forget about the Farmer's Market, going on over at The Greeting Farm, today's the day!!!


Lelia Pierce said...

This is AWESOME! Yay Eric! What a man! :O) Glad you're feeling better Jacquie!


Georgia Ehrmann said...

would it be a die cut machine like the Cricut?! Great card! I am glad you are well my friend!

Valerie said...

Love everything about it! beautiful!!!