Thursday, April 2, 2009


Hey there ladies! How was your day?? Thursdays ALWAYS seem to go quick for me!! Here we are again and I am SO glad you came by for a visit! My friend, who works across the hall from me, asked if I would make her a get well card. know me.....I said OF COURSE!!! Robin is a SUPER great person, so you know I would LOVE to help her out. Anyway, I just got this new patterned paper from ATS? It is by Scenic Route? Have you ever seen this before? OMGosh!!! I LOVE it. Now you will have to tell me what you think though, ok?? REALLY!!! I just LOVED the paper SO much, that I didn't want to take away from it, too much!! Does that make sense? I ALMOST added a ribbon, but, changed my mind. I wanted you to be able to appreciate the paper. What do you think?? I hope she likes it, or even that HER friend likes it.
So, it is almost here!!! My COPIC class!! I still can't believe I got in, can you?? When I was put on that waiting list, I figured that would be all the further I would get. WOW!!!! Although I am excited beyond words, I kinda wish I had someone going along with me. Now.....don't get me wrong, I am TOTALLY fine walking into a full room, by myself. However, it would be nice to know someone ahead of time. Oh well, I am sure I will make some FANTASTIC new friends! I mean....after all...I can talk your ear off!!! Haha! The class is about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from me and it starts at 9am. I am thinkin', thank goodness it is on a Sunday!! Who would want to fight traffic, around Baltimore, at that time in the AM!!! Well, off to bed for me!! I am BEAT!!! Enjoy my MFT creation; I included several pics, so you could see it better!! Make sure to visit tomorrow, I will have a few Kiddie pics for you!!! Don't forget that CLUB ANYA is having a ROCKIN REBEL contest and it ends tomorrow night!! The entries, so far, are OUT of this world!!! Have a GREAT night!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!


Cassie said...

gorgeous paper!! i bet she'll love it!
have fun at your class! i can't wait to see what all you learn!
i've missed you - but have just been so tired at night i haven't been on too much! hopefull we'll get to talk soon!

WickedPixie said...

The card and the paper are beautiful! I'm sure she'll love it!

I am so jealous of your Copic class! I hope you have a lot of fun and learn lots!
:-) Traci

Janna said...

Nope, you are right the paper by itself is perfect! The ribbon would have been distracting! This is just too, too amazing Jacquie!! I of course love the ribbon and the coloring is beautiful! I really like the nice touch of bling to the top.

well, i will go to your class with you!!! I am so jealous! But I can hardly wait to hear what you learn!! Oh this is so exciting! Have a ton of fun!!!


Susan said...

Great card! The paper is beautiful! Other than BasicGrey, Scenic Route is my fav. I'm sure your friend will love it. I love this MFT set! Have fun at your copic class! I was signed up for one but had to decide between that and Stamp New England. I made the right decision for me. Besides, it gives me more time to get more copics! Come back and tell us all you learn!

Hugs to you,


Meli Mitchell said...

That paper is gorgeous. I am sure your friend will love this card.
And congrats on getting into that Copic class. I can not wait to see what you learn!

Natalie got your birthday card in the mail yesterday...she totally flipped out. She wants to have a sleepover with your little girl now! Ha ha!
We will be working on a thank you card this weekend. You are SO SWEET.

the whimsical butterfly said...

This is absolutely adorable..>I am SO glad to be back in "blogland" and cannot WAIT to hear all about your class! missed you! Hugs!

Heather said...


You did a great job on this card too!!!

The paper is wonderful, and I love the image so so cute!!!

Love it Jacquie!!!