Monday, April 6, 2009


Can I get a HUGE WOOHOO??!! As I had said in the title, I am CERTIFIED!!! YAY!! Copic Certified that is!!! I feel like I haven't visited with you all for awhile!!! HOpe you all are well!! I had to get stuff ready for my trip to Maryland, this past weekend. You know, the whole what I need to take and what needs to be ready for everyone, while I am gone?? Yepper!!! It took me a bit! See....this was the first time I have been away, since I had the twins!! YAY me!! Right?? No....but....seriously!! What an AWESOME group of ladies!!! By group I would HAVE to include everyone involved!! From Patti, the WONDERFUL shop owner, to Sally Lynn, our instructor!! All the ladies who make up The Queen's Ink family and all the LOVELY fellow Copic students!! You ALL were PHENOM and I thank you!!! It was FANTASTIC to spend my Sunday with you!!! I will have to elaborate on my class next time though, sorry!!! You know I tend to get a bit carried away!! Haha!! It is late, after all!!!'s late here anyway!!! Well.....I am doing this Monday night, for a change!! Just had to give you a little bit of info, while I was here tonight!!!
Of course tomorrow is Madelynn's Twinkling Tuesday!!! What FUN!!! HUH??!!! This week's challenge is to use a stamp that you have gotten and NEVER inked up!!! You know how we all are!! We just HAD to have it??? And........There it sits!!! In a drawer or on a shelf, but, it is LONELY none the less!!! So.......Bring that poor neglected stamp out!!! Go it up!!!!
Make sure you share your creations with us!! We LOVE to see them!!! When you load them to your gallery or even your blog? Label your BEAUTIFUL project with MTTSC17, so we can find it!! And...don't forget to check out my fellow TWINKLETTES!!! You know they will have some SWEET eye candy for you!!
Ok...MY here is my take on this challenge! I used some of the techniques I learned, from the AWESOME Sally Lynn, on Sunday!!! I will continue to practice, but, do hope you like it!! This is also the FIRST card, I have made, using predominantly COPICS!!! The ONLY Prisma marker I used, was for the little doggy!! Alright, I will give you 1....ok maybe 2 I learned. Make sure to stay tuned for more tidbits too!!! Did you know........that you can use your Copic markers to color ribbon???? Heck yeah!!!! I LOVE it!!! And......did you also can use your SAME Copic to color your brads to match??? Did ya?? Well?? Did ya??? All I can say is.....YES YOU CAN!!! Have at it!! You know me and the whole matchy, matchy thing!!! How psyched was I to learn this?? You can only imagine, right?? Haha!!! Thanks again for stopping by ladies!! I appreciate you taking the time to visit!! Let me know what you think of my creation!! I LOVE to hear from you!!
I will also leave you with some pics, from my class at The Queen's Ink!! If you have the chance, you NEED to visit there!!! Hey...why not a road trip!!! Have a TWINKLING TUESDAY all!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!
***Sally Lynn and I!

**Patti and I(The Shop Owner).

**Tiffaney, from VA, and I!

**Wonderful girls I met:
Lori,Larcy, & Tiffaney!
***Now...go click on the TWINKLETTES links!!!


WickedPixie said...

Very cute card Jacquie! I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your enthusiasm when I read you blog. It just jumps off of the page and catches me all up in your excitement! Thanks! :-) Traci

eggette said...

Very cute! I LOVE MFT and congrats on your certification! That would be sooooo exciting to do and meet all those wonderful colouring ladies!!

~*Joni said...

Those are such great pics! And congrats on being certified!! WOOHOO! :D Your card is wonderful, such great colors, as always. Okay Ms. Certified, I want some tutorial videos on your blog! teehee!

Heather said...

Super cute card! Congrats on getting certified!

the whimsical butterfly said...

I second what Traci said! I missed you! LOVE the card! This was agreat challenge, wasnt it? Fun to use old/new stuff. WOW! So glad you had an awesome time at the Copic class...I am so happy to see pics! Was it just awesome? You look so cute in the pictures too! So glad to be back...we need to catch up!! Hugs!

Darla said...

Great card! Love it. And I'm lovin' those markers...I may have to break down and start buying them. Love the colors and the layout!

Kimmie0270 said...

Congrats on getting certified! I'm jealous that's awesome!

Great card!

Danni said...

Oh how fun! Congrats on being certified!!
Cute card!! I so need to get my MFT sets out and inked up!

Cassie said...

gosh girl - you are just glowing in those pictures!! sounds like the class was a huge success and your family survived w/o you!! love the tips! can't wait to see and hear about the rest of it!

love the card! that was my first MFT set and is one of my favs - but it hardly gets used. sad, huh?

Susan said...

I love this set and I have her and haven't inked her up yet. Maybe I should! Congrats on getting certified! That so great! And for the tips you gave us, that rocks! But then so do you and this card. I love the colors you used. Glad to have you back!

Hugs to you,


Katie @ Paper Makeup said...

how fun!!! Way to go!!! Great card too!

Christi said...

Congrats on getting certified!!! Your card is awesome!!!

Cathy said...

Congrats on your certification!! That's great!! Your card is super cute!!

Anonymous said...

Give us all a WooHoo! We were an awesome group, uh? I had a great time coloring with you on Sunday. Been waiting & waiting to see how our pics turned out. Hope all is well!

Janna said...

I am just too, too jealous!!! I so wish I could have come!! This sounds awesome!! Congratulations!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Your card is amazing!! I love the beautiful coloring you did on her coat and the fantastic layout!! I can hardly wait to see all the card you come up with now!


Sandra MacLean said...

Jacquie!! This is so funny that you should use this MFT set for this challenge because this is the only other set I have that I've had success on! LOL You can really tell that you learnt a few things in that class. Your shading is great! I'd LOVE to take a copic class....if I owned more than 12 copics! LOL

Heather said...


You always make me smile when I read your posts!!! You are so happy and upbeat and so positive and excited!!!! That alone despite the brown blog will keep me coming back and coming back!!!

I so so so so love the card you sent me and I will have to keep it forever since it was one of your last non certified Copic Girl cards!!!

Although the coloring on it makes me think you are certified!!!

Jacquie you are such an amazing person and I so enjoy everything that you do!!!

Thank you Thank you, Thank you for the awesome birthday gift and card!!!

Congrats on the Certification too!!!

YaY you!!!


Rebecca Ednie said...

Glad you enjoyed your Copic class. I just did mine too! Looks good on your card! Hope you had fun colouring it.

Nancy said...

Adorable card!! And congratulations on the Copic certification!!

Kristine said...

I adore this card! So beautifully coloured and the stamp is the cutest!
And congrats on being Copic certified!!!
And I wish you and your family a HAppy Easter;)
Hugs from Kristine;)

Randi said...

Cute card!! And whoohoo, congrats on the Copic Certification!!! I go at the end of the month! After seeing your post, I'm even more excited!!! Looks like you had a great time!

Anonymous said...