Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey there ladies!! How are you?? How was your weekend?? Did you do anything exciting? I just want to start off by thanking you ALL, for your kind and encouraging comments!! It was SO WONDERFUL to read them!! As I had said in my last post, I am practing and your words of encouragement mean A LOT!! Mind you, they ALWAYS do! However, it is GREAT to know I am headed in the right direction!! It was an interesting week, to say the least!! More on that another time!! I just had to put that out there! Haha! Now, tonight I have a few COOL things to share with you all!! First of all...I just signed up for a NEW Book club!! YAY!! Next to being with my family and stamping? My next fave thing is reading!! Our first book is, The Host, by Stephanie Meyer! Woohoo!! I have been wanting to read that, just needed a little nudge!! Haha! Hope it's as good as the whole TWILIGHT thing! If you LOVE to read? You have to check out Maria's blog, for the deets! You can find her blog on my sidebar!! Ok...moving onward...huh....what to share next? You know me...I LOVE to share! Oh yeah, You all should see the AWESOME NEW papers at The Greeting Farm! OMGosh!! They are SO CUTE!!! I just got mine recently and I can't wait to use them!! You NEED to check them out!! I have a link for The Greeting Farm, also in my sidebar!! Just gotta LOVE the farm! Marie ROCKS!! Ok...while we are on that subject of rocking?? Club Anya is going to be rocking FOR SURE!! Jess has come up with the COOLEST gig, to go along with our NEXT release!! You need to check in with the club to see what she has in store for you!! By the way, if you want to see some ROCKIN talent?? Go to The Greeting Farm and see their DT!! WOW!! They are SUPER AMAZING!! So priviledged to be associated with them!! NO DOUBT!! Alright......moving on.....if you haven't heard....there is a FABULOUS Copic Tutorial, by my dear Teammate and friend Janna, on the CLUB ANYA BLOG!! So...there you go....2 SWEET reasons to visit! Almost done, sorry!! Along with my TGF card to share, I also have some TOO CUTE pics of my kiddos to share as well!! Well then, lastly I have finely begun a list of neglected STASH to find new homes for! So if you would, click on my JAVABLUSTAMPER'S STASH link, to see what is there!! I will be adding to it as I go! I have several clear sets and others to share yet!! Thank you SO much for listening to my babble and I hope to see you on WEDNESDAY for my PRE-Sneak Peek!!! You guys are THE BEST!!!! ENJOY LIFE!!!!
**Would you LOOK at those glasses?? Not to mention our FIRST missing teeth!!


Sarah said...

Cute card Jacquie...the paper is really cute and I love your colouring!! And your kids are so cute too!! Hope that you are well!!

Meli Mitchell said...

So funny, my Natalie and I just ordered her glasses today. She and your daughter would get along so well!

And your twins, well, they are just the most darling little things!

Love the ribbon-y detail on your card. So adorable.

Heather said...

O.K. Are you serious?????

Is the poop Br**n blog background not enough did you have to go and make an all Br**n card to make me have breathing problems???

Seriously are you mad at me or something??? Come on why?????


Now with my Brown Free glasses on I can see your coloring of that Horse is wonderful, and it would be even better in grays you know C2, C5, C7????

Layout is very cute and with the glasses on I think the papers might be really cute too!!!