Sunday, February 6, 2011



WOW, Sunday night......................already? This weekend flew by QUICK!! Thanks for stopping back to check in on me!! The FIRST thing I would like to share with you all is THIS....................

Cool, huh? I am sure you have taken notice to my schedule and how it said the WEEKEND WOW was coming soon? Well, it is here now!! Thanks to my AWESOME girl Val, for coming up with this GREAT badge!! Now, this badge will be given away EVERY Sunday night!! You know, at the END of the WEEKEND? I have NOT been getting out in blog land, as much as I would like, here lately; I am OVERDUE!! AND?? I feel there are WAY too many of you talented ladies out there!! SO.........................I came up with THIS! I will be posting my FAVE here EVERY Sunday night and they will be given this badge, to display on their blog!! Now, I may NOT be a HUGE deal to any of you? is a HUGE deal to me!! I am ALL about sharing with YOU, the AWESOME creations I find during my travels!! That and I LOVE to give credit where credit is DUE!! You ALL are such an INSPIRATION to me and, well, this is MY way of thanking you for it too!!! SO? THANK YOU!! Check out my FIRST Weekend Wow!!!

This was done by my DEAR friend JONI WILSON!! Give a CLICK on her name to visit!
Thanks JONI, for sharing your talent!! Look for my badge in your email!!

Hope you enjoyed my FIRST WOW!! Have an WONDERFUL Sunday night and I will see you SOON!! Until then....................ENJOY LIFE!


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful idea, and an excellent choice for your first Weekend WOW, Joni's work is awesome, beautiful card. I'll be back next weekend to see which inspirational crafter you choice, like you say there are so many to choice from.
Have a great week

~*Joni said...

Ohhhh my stars! Ms. Jacquie you are BRILLIANT! What a wonderful idea, this totally spreads your "enjoy life" motto by having someone feel so special. Thank you!!