Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Hey there ladies!! How are you this fine evening?? I just got back from the grocery store. YAY! What fun, huh? I have a couple of questions for you tonight and a NEW stamp I have finally inked up! So...first the questions. I have been SO busy sharing, lately, that I am almost out of envies!!! YIKES!! I NEED to find the regular white A2 size, the clear ones, and I think I would like to try some square ones. That being said....do any of you have a GREAT place to get these? I know, I know....I AM a SU demonstrator!!! However, with $6.95 shipping?? I really would like to see what else is out there! Ya know what I mean?? This Chick is a LITTLE thrifty! Let's face it....I have to be....and who doesn't now a days??!! Right?? Ok....next question. Someone had told me, but, I can't remember who it was. I would LOVE to find the Cuttlebug,Snowflake embossing folder. Now, not the one with the circles around them though. Do you know which one I mean? I can't even think what it's called! Oh well, anyhoo....I have looked several places and they are out of stock, of course!! Not that I NEED to buy another thing!! Hehe! Then again ......well....you know! I am sure you are right there with me! Hehe! If you have any ideas for me, that would be great. I just wonder though, how bad do you think shipping would be on that ONE folder?? I really SHOULDN'T buy anything else to go with it. Although, there is something to be said about snowflakes AND snowmen! Haha! I would LOVE any and ALL suggestions!! I just wish I could find these things at ACmoore or Mike's!! NO SHIPPING!!!
Alright, before I bore you ABSOLUTELY to death.....here is my creation to share! I got this Mushroom Lane stamp from CHF, before Christmas. I am just now inking it up!! Imagine that!! I wasn't even sure I had a block big enough! I used my Mello BG paper ,by Basic Grey ,and my SU CS. I also used my Prisma markers and a Unity sentiment. Gotta LOVE the Unity sentiments!! I hope you like it!!
Oh yeah....before you go. I broke down and checked out Paper Planet! Holy Stampers!! Lots of people having fun over there!! While I was there, I joined a few groups! YAY!! I LOVE to share and make new friends!! One of the groups is "Madelyn's Twinkling Tuesdays". I am sure I butchered the name, but, they are such GREAT, TALENTED ladies and welcomed me to their group!!! I am SO excited! I am going to try and participate in this weeks' challenge!! If I can swing it, I will be back yet tonight with my card! Hope you'll stop back! ENJOY LIFE & enjoy your trip down Mushroom Lane!!!


Danni said...

Sorry I'm no help on your questions. I buy my envelopes at Walmart and office supply stores but I'm sure there's better/cheaper places out there. For my square ones I bought SU's.
I haven't looked lately at embossing folders but if I see that one, I'll let you know!
Love the card. Such a unique fun image!

Janna said...

THis is so cute Jacquie!!! I just love the coloring!! So, so wonderful and I love that BG. I was at Michael's yesterday and was sad to see that they were completely sold out of all their Packs of BG. Sad face!! So onto your questions. For cheap A2 size envelopes, I buy them zt Office Max. THey are white, and the kind you use to mail your bills, but not the ones with the security marks on the inside. Plain white all around. I buy a box of 100 and they are really inexpensive. The square envelopes I picked up a pack at Michaels for 4.99 for 20. They are DCWV brand. But you could get them cheaper if you have a coupon, which I know I get one every week it seems! I am not sure about the cuttlebug folder, but I bought mine at the local stamping store here in St. Louis. I could check for you the next time I go, which will be soon and see. If they have it, I could send it to you if you want me to.


Jessica Diedrich said...

I am SO in love w/ this card!?!?! I need this stamp...NEED it, I tell you! But then, I need you to come and show me how to color it like you did, too ;) WOW! Gorgeous!

I was getting my envies from Walmart. The Ampad Embassy brand, like 3.50 for a box of 50. However, I have been told to check paper supply companies and warehouses. My sister in law just sent me two boxes of 250 and it ended up being about $21 total and it's the nice kind w/ the squared off flap. If you can find one locally, that would be good as they are super heavy and she had to pay to ship them to me. Hope that helps!!

Kim said...

What a beautiful stamp and card Jacquie! I absolutely love it!!!! I wish I could help you find your cuttlebug folder...but don't know where you will find cheap shipping. You could check with Loreen at Wish On A Scrap! She's great to work with! That's where I get ALL of my products from! :) As for envelopes, I just bought the enveloper from Loreen to make my own envies! So I can make fun square envies...since my cards have been squares lately! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Jennifer_GlitterInMyHair said...

I already told you how much I LOVE this and your coloring is beautiful. LOVE!

Oh, and envelopes, try clearbags.com. I haven't ordered from them myself but I have bought some of a friends "stash" who ordered TONS from them at one time.

Debby said...

Cute card. I really really like it.

I purchase my envies from thepapermillstore.com

And I think this is the folder you are looking for http://store.simplyscrap.com/pc37-1140.html

Anonymous said...

Just love the way this card turned out! I have been afraid to ink mine up because I didn't know what to do with it next...thanks for the inspiration.

***HeatheR*** said...

wow what a darling card! those pattern papers give it such a whimsical touch! The card has so much detail I could look at it for ages! Awesome work!!