Thursday, January 29, 2009


Hey there ladies!!! How are you?? Really!! So....WHASSUP?? I had to put that in there for my friend, Kriss! Anything....exciting????? C'mon.....Really???? Talk to me!! Hehehe!!
No...really, I have been tagged........TWICE!! GEEZ!! As my New friend,Jessica, must have to do with people being snowed in! Haha! Oh well. This one is a little different anyway, kinda FUN. It gives everyone a chance to learn something NEW about you. Thanks to my friends CHERI & JESSICA!!!'s the deal:
1. Go to where you keep your pictures, select the 6th folder, and the 6th picture in that folder.
2. Then post it on your blog with an explanation of the story behind the picture.
3. Tag 6 other people to do the same, and make sure you let them know about it.

**This pic was taken a while ago. We had just gotten a second fold up, kids couch. We had one, that was Kyah's, and needed another one. Kyah never really bothered with hers, which was the Winnie The Pooh one. Oh, she sat on it once and awhile, but, nothing like the twins!! We got that second one and it was just hilarious!! The way they would just HANG on their couches was WAY too cute!! Every time you would take them their morning bottle, they would run over to their couches and wait for you to hand it to them. Like clockwork!! Too FUNNY!!! Hope you liked my pic!!! Now it's your turn...........







******You can find these LOVELY, TALENTED ladies on my sidebar. Go visit!!!

Ok.....on to my card. I NEEDED to make a Bella card, I just haven't for TOO long. So I got out my DCWV paper pad & SU CS, of course, and off I went. I used the NEW Shoe Bag stamp, from Stamping Bella, that I got from Carri. Carri was my last Bella Sistah! Thanks Carri; I finally inked it up!! I inked it up and colored it in with my Prisma Markers. Hope you like it!!! I was going to share one of Kyahs' creations, but, she INSISTED that it wasn't READY yet!! Too funny....who knew??? Have a FANTASTIC evening!! I am off to get some things done! I have to work tomorrow and next week is my first OFFICIAL week, back to FT work!!! Or as close as I can get to it, without paying for OUTRAGEOUS daycare!! Gotta do what you gotta do,right?? Wish me luck gals!! By the way....I am so excited to announce 2 things!!! NEW friend, Katie, just started her OWN line of stamps!! Go check it out @! The other AWESOME thing is that Madelynn, of MTT, has started her OWN blog!!! You NEED to check that out too!!! It's @ !! Sorry, babbling again!! Hey....not my should know me by now!!! Hehe!! Thanks for all your encouragement and support!! So GLAD you stopped by!! Remember....ENJOY LIFE!!!


Michelle-a-bella said...

Very cute card! Love the daisy on the shoe and I love polka dots! thanks for sharing!

Jacqueline TresBella said...

Cute! I love shoes and purses, is this a bella? I missed it.
Someday I want to join one of your challenges.


Danni said...

Cute photo and adorable card!! Fun, fun!!

Kimmie said...

That is one awesome stamp! Anything with purses or shoes is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

Love the colors you used...very cute card. Who babbles, you, npw way, love it! Good luck at work.

Jessica Diedrich said...

Oh how the pic! Beautiful card..gotta love shoes!!! Hope you're having an awesome day!

Janna said...

Thanks for tagging me. This was such a fun one! I love your picture!! it is jsut too, too cute! Aren't kids hilarious! That cracks me up that Kyah didn't want you to post her card. I hope dinner went well. I love the card! It is fantastic! You color so beautifully and the layout is amazing!!


Kim said...

what a cute picture Jacquie! The twins are so adorable!!! And what a lovely card you have made too! Tell Miss. Kyah that I can not wait to see her card! I am sure it is perfect!!!
Hugs~ Kim

Cassie said...

cute pic - love the story that goes with it - it's funny how they get into their own routines on how they like to do things, huh?

cute card too! shoe shopping is one of my most favorite things to do!