Sunday, July 27, 2008

Part II- Almost there!

Ok! So , here we are again! I am so glad you came to visit! Let's just say, I'm half way there! So you didn't waist your trip here. I really have to thank my kids for being so good today, so I could get this far. Now, the Bellas are just 3 1/2 x 5 JATC's. I am involved in a swap over at Bellaholicsanonymous and that is what they asked for. The Totally Cool girl is a regular card and I have to say, one of my fave, up to his point. One thing I must tell you is that I love making lots of stuff at one time! My brain just starts working and I get all these ideas and........ man, what fun! All those chances to create something, I am always anxious to see how everything will turn out! I hope you'll tell me which one you like and your opinion on this project so far. I really value what all of you have to say, it really means a lot to get the feedback. Well, I didn't hear what you all were up to, so make sure to clue us in. My DH was home today for a short while and he was running around here like a crazy person! We are trying to get organized for vacation and he's a bit stressed I think. We are going to Myrtle Beach 8/9-8/16 and this will be the first time in almost 2 years! He really needs the time off and I will love the change in scenery, you know? I am not quite "Beach ready", but maybe next year, that can be my goal. The goal this year is to have fun and relax. Just enjoy family time. It will be fun to see how the twins do at the beach. When we come back I will have to share a few pics with you all. Be ready for a few that are non-stamping photos! Haha! I don't like to blab on about my family, since you guys don't really know us. I figure I will just add a few bits here and there, so eventually you will get to know us. That sound fair? As I have said before I like to share. I also like to meet people and make new friends. So, hey, here we are. On another matter, don't forget to check out Limelight Papercrafts' blog tomorrow! Mandy will be announcing her brand new DT! The wait is almost over! I hope you and your families are well and I hope you have enjoyed your visit. I will see you all tomorrow evening; have a great night!
Recipe: all cards were made with SU CS, ACM BG paper & DCWV BG paper, MM brads, SU hodgepodge hardware (Totally Cool card),Scallop punch (from SU) , ticket punch (my $5 ACM find),Flowahbella, Lattebella,Cosmobella, and SU Totally Cool set.

**Hope you enjoyed!


Jacqueline TresBella said...

Love your cards! I have the shopping girl from SU I love her too. Are you in the JATC swap? with Heidi? Me too, but of course, mine are not done! I hope to get them done soon. I'm trying to finish my house organizing before school starts on Thurs.

Jacqueline aka TresBella

Ann Kranitz said...

I love your JATC's....I am in the swap also and I just got mine done too. I have to mail them out. Heidi is my Bella Sistah.!! She is great. Well I love your work. Glad I stopped by.

Unknown said...

Wow! You sure have been busy, haven't you?! My favorite of these is the martini card. :) I like the Totally Cool card as well, but am bitter because I never bought that set. argh.


Karen said...

Great projects!! I'm partial to green so that would be my fav (the SWAK one). My family was just at Myrtle Beach this past week. You will definitely have fun. Bring lots of sunscreen though! We are still feeling the effects of the sunburn. Ouch! Enjoy your vacation!!

Debby said...

I love all your JATC's. Wish I had joined that swap. Too cute. Nice job on your coloring and the Cool Cat is Cool indeed! Have a great vacation and takes lots of pics. I love to look at pics.

Kim said...

Jacquie they are all AWESOME...LOVEY them all...way to create a bunch...WOW! My favorite is Lattebella...only b/c she my ultimate favorite bella at the moment...besides the new Daisybella! Have fun on vakay! I LOVE Myrtle Beach...that's where I got engaged in Aug. of 2005!!!! Talk to you soon!
Hugs~ Kim

Kim said...

Hi Jacquie...I left you an award on my blog! Hugs to you!

Mandy said...

NO WAY! We are going to Myrtle Beach next week, too!!! We will be there either next Tuesday or Wednesday through Sunday, so we'll be there some of the same time! :) The cards are wonderful, too.... I just am especially excited about the beach. :)