Saturday, July 26, 2008

Part I of my coloring madness!!

Hi everyone, hope you are having a great night! As I had promised, I am back. I was playing with my new markers tonight. Now, I thought it would be neat to show you my before and after and see what you thought! I was a coloring fool tonight and boy was it FUN!! However, I have found that I am in need of MORE colors! Haha! Can you believe that? More colors, me? Nooooooooooo! Yes, of course me, I neeeeeeeed more colors! I did the best I could with what colors I had. So, I have posted my pics here for you to critique the coloring job and tomorrow I will post the finished product for your review and further comments. Sound good? I think it will be neat for you to see the process. So, what have you all been up to this weekend, so far? It goes so fast, I think, doesn't it? I am anxiously awaiting the outcome of the Limelight Papercrafts DT call. How about you? It should be exciting! She has lots of cool things to play with over there and those things would prove to make some pretty awesome projects, I believe. Anyway, have you visited the Bella, Em? She is offering a great giveaway on her blog that is definately worth the trip! She just seems like such a nice person! If you look below, you will find a link to her blog. Her gallery has some pretty amazing stuff , as well. Let's see, on a family note, my son refuses to eat REAL food!! Ugh! I think he will be eating baby food forever and ever! He just wants to GAG all over me! LOL! My daughter, on the other hand, is ready to move on to better tasting things. Well, I want to put some things together for an upcoming class and this is my best time to do that. So, until tomorrow, I hope you all sleep well! Don't forget to visit me tomorrow night, when I post the finished products from above!!! If you have any ideas, feel free to post below. I will check in, before I begin my compeletion. Haha! Bye all!


JeanneLee said...

Jackie, love your blog!
What a sweet family you have.
Love those Bellas, I and I agree with ya, we never have enough colors!

Glad you came to Cococats and posted!

Kim said...

BEAUTIFUL colored pics! You are doing some AMAZING work with your markers! :) I know the always wanting...I mean NEEDING more! ha ha! Same thing happens on this end! :)
Love the family stories...your children are so adorable!
Hugs~ Kim