Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hey all! How are you? SO sorry I have not visited regularly, for a while!! It has been the whole back to school thing and of course the football thing too!! Well, the cheerleading thing, that is!! That and guess who is taking care of the concession stand for the midget sports games?! Haha!! Did I mention it before? Yepper, you guessed it, MOI!! It will be slowing down here SOON and then I will be able to create MORE!! Haha! Although, I have had some time here lately? I will have some creations for you for a little bit anyway!!
OK, babble, babble......right?? Hey, you know me....you should have expected as much!! Anyway, I wanted to share a pic AND a creation today! My DD, Kyah wanted some "Rain Boots"? We all know that seems to be the BIG thing this year! Well, we just could NOT find any that were....."COOL" enough, according to Kyah. She is SO not a froo-froo kind of girl!! Imagine that!! We have been looking for some time now. Do you remember all the HYPE with Target and that Mussoni line? How they sold out with in hours or something crazy like that? As luck would have it, Kyah liked the one pattern of "Rain Boots" Mussoni had put out. Well, I told Kyah.....I am REALLY sorry; I don't think we stand a chance of getting those! I was NOT going to get her ALL excited when I KNEW people were being RIDICULOUS and buying everything up and re-selling it on ebay at HORRENDOUS prices!!

Ok, so........................guess what??? We ended up at Target this weekend? Long after all ths Mussoni business? Lo and behold? In the front of the store? As soon as you walk in? They had ALL the left overs from the Mussoni CRAZINESS!! Kyah saw the FEW items and said,"Wow mom look at the COOL patterns"! Guess what else? There were TWO bigger boxes on the display unit!! Wait for it..........................

Yepper!! Kyah was SO excited!! There was a size 2 and a size 3!! Kyah needed the size 2!! Woohoo!! Huge score!! You have never seen a girl SO happy!! I mean.....she usually does NOT get excited about a whole lot of wardrobe things, BUT, this??!! AWESOME!! Who knew?!

Well, she finally got to wear them today; it is SUPPOSED to rain. In honor of the "Rain Boots" and her actually being excited about something having to do with clothing? I made her THIS card and stuck it in her school folder!! Wish I could be there to see her face!! I LOVE how this turned out!! I followed the STAMPING BELLA CHALLENGE sketch, which never happens!! Thanks for the GREAT sketch BELLA sistahs!! You will find the sketch and MY take on it below!! Thanks for stopping by and letting me BABBLE on!! Have an AWESOME day!!


MY CREATION: Shower Bugg stamp from Stamping Bella & Christy Croll, Basic grey Sugar Rush DSP, PTI cardstock, Glazed BG Sugar Rush brad, yarn, Copics & Bic markers!


Mieke'S said...

Is that the fashion for the coming winter?
Greetings Mieke'S

Kittie said...

What fun rain boots, Jacquie. The card you made for Kyah is so precious. The image is darling and I love the bright colored designer paper you used.