Sunday, August 7, 2011


Hey all, how are you tonight? Well, almost morning, I must admit! I just wanted to stop by and share something with you! I was crusin' blogland and I found THIS!!! Check it out!!
Kellie Winnell, of TICKLED PINK STAMPS, had this on her blog!! Now, I have to say, I was floored!! How utterly selfless and COOL is she?!! HUH?? I ask you?!! This is ESPECIALLY special to me, as my son Kade has Alopecia!!! I am not too sure how many of you follow my blog regularly or may have just known this. BUT, he does and he is a HUGE trooper about it!! I think WE, his parents, are more worried about it then HE ,himself, is!! Of course, I would not expect anything less from a FOUR year old!!! I mean, would you?
When this all started,about a year ago, we took him to our family doc, then for blood work, and finally to a Dermatologist! They said he had Alopecia!! They have NO idea why it happened, if and when it will EVER grow back, or even if it will ALL fall out!! Can you believe it? Even though I had learned about Alopecia in Cosmetology school, I figured they would have come up with something by now for it!! You know? Well, we let his hair grow on the longer side for awhile and then had NO choice BUT to shave it off! It was just SO thin and sparse that having it longer? Started to look DUMB!! My little man is SO amazing and does NOT let it bother him SO much that you should have heard him the day we clippered it down to his scalp!! He turned around to look in the mirror and FLIPPED out!! He was literally SOBBING and screaming!! He looked at me and said.............

"Mommy where is my hair? You cut it off? Put it back on Mommy! Put my hair back on"!!!

How devastating for ME, as a parent, to have done that to him! He just kept repeating that last part, over and over!! Put it back on!! UGH!! Point is? He did NOT care that he had VERY little hair left! He did not care that he had to wear a hat most of the time, so people would not be rude and stare at him!!! He just wanted, what little hair he had, BACK!! Yuck!! That was tough!! AND? It just shows me too, what we have in store, once he goes to school!!

Anyway, I am going on, and on!! I just have to say, THANK YOU, to Kellie Winnell!! Thank you for what you are doing and bringing to light and issue that is near and dear to me and my family!! You are an AMAZING person for caring about others!!

I have some pics of my little man below! He is AWESOME no matter what!!

I hope you all will spread the word and help Kellie with her cause!! Help spread awareness of this disorder and if you are able, help with a donation!! No matter how small, it is a help!!! EVERY little bit matters!! Thanks to all of you for letting me ramble about something that is personal to me!! Have an AWESOME night!! Remember....................ENJOY LIFE!!


Kellie said...

Thank you so much for spreading the word hun and your lil man is absolutely adorable!

Hugs Kellie

Kylie said...

Oh wow - Your son is a DOLL. Congratulations on such a wonderful little man.
I am good friends with Kellie and the day I met her I was floored by her massive heart. She is a wonderful person. I'm so proud to know her. She has a wonderful way of making those around her want to be better people. Thank you so much for writing about her. She truly is very special.
Best of luck to you and your very special and adorable little boy.
Hugs Kylie

Debbie Pamment said...

Your son is just gorgeous - I saw your comment on Kel's blog and had to stop by and wish you and Kade ALL the very best. Kade has put a personal face to this awful disease and I will gladly be supporting Kel in her fundraising - I just wish I could grow MY hair that long too!
Lotsaluv and hugs to you and your family!

Judy Rozema said...

Kade is so cute! It is so hard being a parent. My baby is 18 and I still can't answer her questions about why she has this and that and none of her friends do. Your pictures are so sweet and your heart is so kind! HUGS!

Annette Bowes said...

Just popped over from Kellie's blog, your little fella is just so cute! Such a beautiful smile. Take CareX:)