Saturday, July 24, 2010


...............TICKLED, that my TICKLED PINK stamps arrived!! They are HERE!! I LOVE these stamps!! They are RIGHT up my alley!! Haha!! the HECK are ya!! It is Saturday and I had to create something with my NEW stamps!! AND.....I HAD to come and share it with you all!! I have been working on my craft area, as I mentioned before, and I am TRYING not to MESS up what I have cleaned up!! Haha!! That make sense? I swear it can be a NEVER ending battle! I mean......when I go down to clean up the craft area....I ALWAYS end up RE-arranging it and THINKING it needs MORE organizers....or WHATEVER kind!! Haha!! What can I say!! Alrighty.....I hope you like my creation!! I used the new LYLAH stamp from the LITTLE LOLITA line, over at TICKLED PINK STAMPS!! I paired a VERVE sentiment along with her; I just felt it suited the look on her face!!! Now, I am NOT too sure about the colors.......I believe they will grow on me though. I started with my BG, GREEN AT HEART, dsp and added PTI cardstock to match!! You know me and that BG stuff!! I am SO lad I could visit with you all today!! The twins are starting to make some noise; no more nap time for them!! I will be back tomorrow ( I know I say that all the time) and this time I WILL be back!! I have another NEW creation to share with you; I am SUPER stoked for you to see it!! Have an AWESOME day, thanks for stopping by, and remember to ENJOY LIFE!! We only get ONE!!!


PS. I took this pic outside, to get some, more even, lighting!! I forgot to tell you......I am SO excited!! I have sold some of the things that were NOT getting enough love?? AND?? I FINALLY broke down and used the money I got, to buy a light tent!!! YAY!! WOOHOO! I am SO doing the happy dance!! I cannot wait to see how my pics turn out then!! You will have to check in with me in a week or two, to see!! Well.......I hope you are back before then, but, at least by then!! Haha!! See you later friends!!


Jolara said...

that is lovely ! Hugs Joyce

ps i have a blogcandy a silent setter

Beth aka BR-T said...

What a great card, enjoy these new stamps! Beth