Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hey!!! Me again!! Imagine that!! A VERY sad WILD FLOWER PATCH post, here at Javablustamper!! I know I mentioned before about cutting back, with ALL that was going on!! Well, it was a VERY hard decision for me to make and one that was even HARDER to follow thru with!! I have had to step down from JEN'S awesome team, the WILD FLOWER KIDS!!! Oh my!! What can I say! I LOVE her, LOVE the team, and LOVE the images!! It is just NOT fair for me to stay on, when I cannot give 110%, they DESERVE that!! THANK YOU so much Jen and the team for including ME in your awesomeness!!! This will DEFINITELY not be the end of my WILD FLOWER creations, that is for sure!!
SO, now I am down to TWO!! I am SO bummed!! However, with all that was going on and the OTHER issues that have come our way!! My time is even MORE limited!! Not to mention there is a BIT of stress involved too!! BUT?? I am a MOM and we just DO IT!!! Haha!! Everything will work out!! Everything will calm down!! Somewhat!! Hey.....what's LIFE, without a few challenges here and there?? Right?? RIGHT!!! OK......I will leave you with a WILD FLOWER CHALLENGE!! Again, I am SO sorry I do NOT have a creation for you, BUT, I hope to have something for you over the weekend!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR STOPPING BY!!!


So, let's see what you got? Be sure to head over to the WILD FLOWER PATCH, for all the deets!! Besides, you will NOT want to miss the DESIGN TEAM'S creations!!! They are AMAZING!!! See you tomorrow everyone!!!! Have a FABULOUS night, what is left of it!!


Lelia Pierce said...

So sorry to see that you had to cut back. I hope things settle down for you and that you'll still be able to play along whenever possible!