Wednesday, May 26, 2010

BACK AGAIN WITH SOME INKTEGRITY!! is cooking on the stove and I am back with ANOTHER creation share!! On a side note, I did have a visit from one of the Girl Scout mom's and it was.........just a bummer. She brought Kyah and I stuff, which was SO nice of her; that is NOT the bummer part!! She REALLY did not have to do that!! AND....I thank her SO much for coming by! It is just's a shame how things turn out!! I did type more, but, I have decided to delete it. It is NOT worth re-hashing. What's done is done and nothing I say here, is going to change it! Suffice to say, I really had thought I made some friends there and loved being a part of it! Oh well.......3 years later? Here we are!
Anyway, you all did not stop back to hear me blubber about sad stuff!! I have an AWESOME sketch for you, from INKTEGRITY!! That and a BEAUTIFUL new image!!! On to HAPPY stuff!!! Check it out!!



***Hope you can play along!! Visit the INKTEGRITY CHALLENGE BLOG for more deets!!! won't want to miss the rest of the INKTEGRITY girls!! They have some BEAUTIFUL creations to share with you!! I will be back after dinner with ONE last creation to share!! Until then............thanks for stopping back and sorry this creation's first post did not go thru earlier today!! See you in a bit!!


Rhonda Miller
Lelia Pierce
Ashley Scheffler
Jackie Randolph
Julie Elak
Kelly Santi
Diane Ulitsch (challenge coordinator)

PS......if you visit the INKTEGRITY blog, you may just WIN a tree of your very own!!


Lelia Pierce said...

This is so pretty, Jacquie! I love the color combo. So sorry to hear that you had some sad news today. Keep your chin up!


Andrea Murdock said...

what a pretty card hun. Not sure what happened at Girl Scouts but sounded like your heart got hurt. hugs from me and remember you have loving friends here too xoxo

AMIT said...

Its pretty looking.

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